All of our staff have experience teaching English as a second language. We know the in and outs of working overseas by having done it ourselves.


When problems arise while working overseas the world can be a very lonely place. (I know, I’ve been there). Our staff will be there for you throughout the recruiting process. We can assure you, that if any of the schools we deal with are not resolving any and all issues to your satisfaction then they will be immediately removed from our list. We will only work with schools that measure up to our high standards.


We promise we won’t sugar coat the truth about a job. If you haven’t been to the Middle East, you’ll be in for a huge culture shock. Food is different. Customs are not the same as in North America. (Remember this is an adventure.) Prior to leaving we’ll discuss this with you and answer all your questions. If we feel this may not be right for you then we will tell you.

How we got here

You’ve never heard of us before as we’re new to the ESL teacher recruitment field. You may of heard of our other English related company that teachers English Online called TalktoCanada.com. Instead of pretending like we’ve placed thousands of teachers and have glowing reviews, we thought we’d just be honest and let you know that we’re new, hungry for new business and excited to get you into the dream teaching job in the middle east.

His Mom describes him as handsome and smart. Everyone else describes him as hardworking, honest and driven. He has a passion for languages and business. He believes that WestTeacher.com is the perfect complement to his first business venture with TalktoCanada.com. His native language is English and he has an intermediate understanding of French and Arabic.

Marc Anderson

Co-Founder Extrodinaire

Not only has Alysia taught Online English for over 25,000 hours, she has also taught in South Korea and within the Canadian school system for over a decade. When it comes to ESL teaching questions, she’s the person we go to. If she’s not speaking with one of our partner schools overseas she’s helping deal with teacher concerns.

Alysia Anderson

Co-Founder and President of Operations

Elizabeth is a dedicated and enthusiastic staff member and who has over 10,000 hours teaching English online. She has project management experience and has coordinated several large scale training projects for TalktoCanada. As a result of her extensive experience in ESL, she has the ability to assess your qualifications and direct you to the most suitable position with our partner schools overseas. Most of her time is spent on teacher and school outreach. If you see her at a recruitment event in Canada or abroad please say Hello! She’ll be happy to hear from you.

Elizabeth Bartley

Teacher Recruitment Specialist

Basel works with all of our schools and teachers once they land in the Middle East. If there’s a problem with a visa or a teacher not sure what to do, he’s the person we go to. Basel has extensive experience in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. He has been the project manager for programs ranging in size from tens of thousands of dollars to tens of millions. He’s seen and heard of almost everything that can go wrong with teaching in the Middle East. So if there is a problem that needs to be solved we’re glad we have him on the team.

Basel Nemeh

Middle East Region Team Lead

Erin is a recent addition to our team. She takes care of our media outreach both internally and externally. With her degree in design she also helps out with any marketing materials we need along with the design and production of this website. When Erin isn’t being awesome at her job, she likes to take care of her bees. She also likes to paint and draw in her spare time.

Erin Caroll

Media Specialist and In House Design Specialist