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» Kuwait City K-3 School Teachers Needed (Elementary And Primary Positions) (Qualified Teachers) Kuwait City K-3 School Teachers Needed (Elementary And Primary Positions) (Qualified Teachers) – West Teacher

Kuwait City K-3 School Teachers Needed (Elementary And Primary Positions) (Qualified Teachers)


Before you read the rest of this job ad, read the most important details. If you’re still interested after reading below, read all of the job ad details

Who is usually hired? Female, Qualified Teacher, experience important but won’t stop you from getting a job. Teachers from Canada/USA/Britain/Ireland are actively being offered positions.

How quickly can I be hired? If you meet the above qualifications an interview can be arranged on average in 2-5 days with the school in Kuwait City. Job offers have been presented in an average of 8.5 days from the time of your first meeting. Basically, if the school likes you after doing a couple of interviews you can be hired in less than 10 days.

What am I doing? Teaching kids from K-3

Where is this? At a large school in Kuwait City

When do I start? The end of August 2017

Why should I care about this job? There are contracts being offered weekly to teachers from all over the world. The pay is minimum 2,750€ or $2,700USD/Monthly for *certified teachers – B.Ed/PGCE..sorry TEFL/TESOL etc don’t count* ($1800USD for uncertified teachers)

There are currently 5 positions left to fill at this school.


Kuwait, Kuwait, Kuwait…where is it?

Hint — Somewhere in Africa, South America or the Arabian Peninsula.

If you guessed the Arabian Peninsula you guessed correctly. If you didn’t know where it was located, don’t worry we won’t hold it against you.

Your next teaching job could be awaiting you in the hot desert country that’s known as Kuwait. It’s filled with a huge and thriving expat community including teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers and people who handle finances.

Learn more about this job and the fantastic opportunity that could await you.

If you’re into money, don’t feel bad and just skip to the money section. If you want adventure and want to know more about Kuwait read below.

Whatever may draw you to the Middle East and teaching in Kuwait read on….

What you’ll be doing…

  • Working with kindergarten kids up to grade 3 students
  • Teaching students from 7-2pm from Sunday to Thursday
  • You’ll have 2 hours of additional after hours work, which could include meetings and/or student activities

Show Me the Money…

  • Qualified teachers can expect to earn a minimum of 2,600€ or $2800USD/Monthly. All amounts paid in local Kuwait Dinar so the pay above is accurate as of April 2017.
  • Unqualified teachers (no teaching degree) will get a starting salary of around $1800USD/Monthly

What Else do I Get?

  • Shared apartment with 1 member of the same sex which includes common space such as kitchen, bathroom and living room (no it’s not a horrible dorm like in university that was the size of a toilet that you shared with 50 other people – oh the Horror, oh the Horror)
  • Water and electricity are paid for by the school – yay!
  • Medical insurance and residency permit
  • 52 paid days of summer vacation or vacay as we like to call it
  • All public holidays are paid and a great time to see things in and around Kuwait City
  • A Kuwait City bound flight to get you to your new and wonderful job
  • 1 x return ticket at the end of the 1st year (of a 2 year contract)

Other Important Details to Mention…

  • The school hires teachers on a 2-year contract
  • Teachers start at the end of August 2017
  • Both qualified and unqualified females are needed
  • Job is located in Kuwait City


I’m sure we missed some information so apply today to learn more.

We’re just looking for serious teachers ready to sign today with this lovely school in Kuwait City so if you’re still deciding or tire kicking your options that’s fine but please come back later when you’re ready. We’ll be waiting we promise!!!

If you’re still reading right to the very bottom of this job ad, good for you.

Now get off your butt and apply today.

Seriously, apply today. We have jobs to offer and hundreds of positions to fill all throughout the Middle East.

This job in Kuwait City is just 1 of those jobs. You came here looking for a job and that’s exactly what we have to offer so let’s talk…sooner rather than later. These jobs won’t be around forever

A job shouldn’t be impossible to figure out. We’ll help you to get into a Middle East teaching position so you can check that off your annoyingly long to do list. After that, it’s just wondering if you should pack your blue or red swimsuit.

What are you waiting for – apply today!

Apply Today…

Apply Tomorrow…

Apply the day after tomorrow…

You get the point, apply when you’re ready (we get it, it’s the Middle East and you’ve read stories and/or heard things from a friend that may or not be true that’s holding you back from deciding but every country has its issues just like everywhere else so don’t let that prevent you from going to the Middle East to teach).

Thank you for reading, we’re and we may have a teaching job awaiting you in the Middle East.


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