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Did we miss any other reasons?

We probably did, but don’t let us stop you from following your dreams wherever they may lead you.

Check out our country list below, which will give you an idea of the countries in which we recruit teachers for.


The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) came into being through the amalgamation of 7 individual emirates. While most teachers may not be familiar with the United Arab Emirates they have probably heard of the U.AE.’s two major cities. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are cities of lights, mosques, skyscrapers and even a mall with an indoor ski hill (seriously? – Mall of the Emirates). There are even places in these great cities where you can hang a beach towel on a chair and go for a swim.  While most expat teachers work in either Dubai and Abu Dhabi there’s also several other interesting cities including Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah.  With low taxes, a hot climate and a welcoming local culture we wouldn’t be surprised if you placed the U.A.E. at the top of your places to work list. If you love to travel on your time off , there’s the adjacent countries of Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia  for those short weekend trips. For longer getaways you could always visit Jordan, Egypt, Israel, India and Pakistan.


Think of a place where Christianity, Judaism and Islam intersect.  If you said Israel you’d be happy to know that five people in the office said the exact same thing.  While Israel may not be at the top of your list of places where you want to teach English, it shouldn’t be ignored.  With a great climate of warm and dry summers and mild winters, Israel is considering a great subtropical climate for those who want to avoid the excessive heat or the desert climate in the Arab Gulf states.  When not teaching, imagine yourself swimming in any one of the many beaches on the Mediterranean, Red Sea or Dead Sea.  If you didn’t know there were these three amazing seas in Israel, you wouldn’t be the only one.  After swimming you can have fun by hanging out with your friends drinking tea among the many cafes of Tel Aviv.  With a lot of teaching opportunities in Israel don’t discount the area as a possible destination.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has one of the most conservative cultures in the Arab world. Although this may be different from what you’re probably used to you may just find the change refreshing. Saudi Arabia is home to the huge mosque of Mecca. In the modern city of Riyadh and the coastal gem of Jeddah old tradition is mixed with the new.  Expect Saudi Arabia to push your boundaries as you learn how it’s glorious past has shaped the kingdom into the powerhouse it is today.  Saudi Arabia is very different from other Middle Eastern Countries so make sure you understand what you’re getting into before you accept any job offer there.


While most haven’t heard of Oman, you’ll fall in love with this quiet little island on the southeast tip of the Arabian peninsula. Visitors to Oman will be treated to lavish historical and modern monuments without the overly glitzy fueled sights that you’d find in places like Dubai.  Be prepared for hot weather, a great salary and an understated development and culture that is very different from any other country in the Gulf coast region.


Come one, come all, Bahrain beckons you with a fantastic laid back vibe, hot weather (sometimes scorching) and weekend excursions full of fun, thrills and excitement.  Without the hordes of travelers that you’d find in neighboring Dubai, you’ll be surprised by the quietness of it all.  Sure, you won’t hear a pin drop in the middle of the souq (aka the market), but that’s the fun of quiet travel, it’s like you’ve found a hidden garden of eden that other travelers don’t know about yet.  If you like Oman and the U.A.E. you should consider putting this little gem on your list of possible places to teach English.  Oh and if you happen to like cars that make so much noise you can’t hear the person talking beside you, check out the formula 1 races.


In Kuwait you’ll immediately notice the lack of ostentatious displays of wealth that you usually see in other Gulf Coast Countries.  Don’t be alarmed, it’s not Kansas you’re in but Kuwait. This lovely little country consists of numerous islands and a population approaching four million. Approximately half of the residents are made up of expats the same as yourself. Just like Bahrain, you won’t be overwhelmed with tourists and those annoying tourist traps.  English teaching jobs are plentiful and well paying so consider Kuwait in your list of possible places to teach English.


With an insanely high GDP per person of over $100,000 you wouldn’t be amiss to think that this tiny little island has rich resources, great living standards and is the envy of a lot of other countries.  English teaching jobs are plentiful and Qatar should be included on any list of desirable places to work if you’re looking to teach in the gulf.  This country used to be on the boring side but now it’s filled with nightlife, culture and activities to rival any major centre in the world.  With an international cuisine and well regarded activities, you’ll be having an amazing time teaching in this country.