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Have You Ever Thought About Teaching in Jordan?

There are many international schools in Jordan (mostly in Amman, the capital city) for expat students with primary instruction in English and some bilingual schools that use Arabic in addition to English. International school teachers are employed in all subject areas and can also tutor English privately on the side to supplement their income or […]

Have You Ever Thought About Teaching in The United Arab Emirates?

If you’re looking for a mix of the old and the new, then the UAE might fit the bill. Emirati culture is based on Arabian culture with strong influences from East Africa, India, and Persia. Westerners may find it more liberal than most other Gulf nations. There are many private schools which are internationally accredited. […]

Have You Ever Thought About Teaching in Oman?

If you have an eye for natural beauty (beaches, mountains, palm-lined oases, and desert) and an interest in exploring Arabic tradition (400-year-old forts, ancient ruins, and traditional bazaars), then Oman might be the country for you to pursue your teaching career in any number of international or public schools. Oman is one of the oldest […]

Have You Ever Thought About Teaching in Bahrain?

If you’re looking for a mix of Arab culture and Western conveniences, then you might want to check out Bahrain. With the highest literacy rate in the Arab world and primary school attendance nearing 100%, it is a sure bet to say that Bahrain embraces education. Furthermore, there are many popular international and bilingual schools […]

Have You Ever Thought About Teaching in Qatar?

If you like beaches, desert culture, art museums, and a vibrant city life, then Qatar (pronounced KAH-tar) just might be for you. Qatar is both a peninsula and a small group of islands in the Persian Gulf. It is mostly flat land covered with desert. Doha, Qatar’s capital, added new hotels, museums, and other facilities […]

Have You Ever Thought About Teaching in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia If you are interested in living and teaching in a modern, large country with the latest technology but at the same time a country holding to its customs and traditions of the seventh-century days of the Prophet Muhammad, then Saudi Arabia may be a good fit for you. With over 700 international schools […]

Have You Ever Thought About Teaching in Kuwait?

(Alternative Names: State of Kuwait or Dawlat al Kuwayt) If you are looking for something a little different, teaching and living in Kuwait might be for you! Most schools in Kuwait are public schools which use the Arabic language for teaching. But there are an increasing number of international schools which include American, British, and […]

Kuwait City K-3 School Teachers Needed (Elementary And Primary Positions) (Qualified Teachers)

****SUBMIT YOUR NAME/EMAIL AND RESUME AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE**** Before you read the rest of this job ad, read the most important details. If you’re still interested after reading below, read all of the job ad details Who is usually hired? Female, Qualified Teacher, experience important but won’t stop you from getting a […]

Living on a Teacher’s Salary in the Middle East

It is interesting to learn more about teacher salaries, cost of living expenses, savings expectations, entertainment options, and the availability of Western brands/foods in various Middle Eastern countries. It is especially interesting if you are considering teaching in any number of these countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, and Qatar which just so happen […]

Living, Working and Getting Paid to Teach in the Middle East

United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) Description of the Country The United Arab Emirates located on the Persian Gulf in the Middle East, sometimes called the Emirates or the UAE, has a population of 9.2 million people (1.4 million Emirati citizens and 7.8 million expatriates). The country is comprised of a federation of seven states called emirates […]