If you’re here looking for an adventure and a job teaching English in the Middle East then we can help.

How will you get from A to B?

So you decided to go to college/university to get that proverbial degree. Now that you've got it, you’re not sure what the heck you’re going to do with it. Should I travel the world? Should I get a job (gasp!)? Should I sit on my parents’ couch and ponder the meaning of life? If you want to do either of the first two options…travel the world and get a job, WestTeacher can help.

If you want to sit on your parents’ couch and ponder the meaning of life that could be cool. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to help you with that. Maybe, the answer is that you just want to go teach English in the Middle East (hint, hint).

Get a Job

Your parents always said, get a haircut, get a real job, clean your act up and don’t be a slob, oh wait, maybe you heard that in song. Well it doesn’t matter because here you are, ready to start working or maybe you’re bored with your current job. Congratulations you’re ready for the next step.

Travel The World

Now you can travel the world, see exotic places, learn about another culture and get paid to do it. While you’re traveling the world and working, don’t forget to pack your bags with a lot of extra clothes as you’re going to be staying a while. Now move to the next step in your journey

Ponder the meaning of life.

This is great and all but go back to ‘How will you get from a to b’. When you’re ready you’ll know just like Luke Skywalker could feel the force within him, you’ll feel the force of your dads foot, booting you out of the house.

You’ve made it this far, we think we can help you out, yay! Use the form below to get started on your English teaching job in the Middle East.
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